Monday, April 18, 2016

My journey as an author

Well Saturday, April 16th was my first ever book signing and let me tell ya I was nervous as heck. I never dreamed that I would ever be sitting on the other side of a table signing a book with my name on the front but it happened. I am still pinching myself to make sure it wasn't a dream.

I started this book about three years ago when National Novel Writing Month occurred and I didn't finish it in the 30 days that is the time frame so I put it away and let it sit in the world of cyber space for a while and then decided hey let's bring it out again and see if we can finish this puppy. My characters were screaming at me for their story to be told and Lord Brantwell, the hero, was none to happy that he had been hidden away for so long. So I dusted off the cobwebs of the story and got my butt in gear and finished it up.

My inspiration for the story was a picture of a castle  and I thought what if the Lord of the castle met the girl in the village who owned the local bookshop and viola a story was born.

I just let the story write itself and along came Lydia
and Jeffrey and so their story came to light. For
a while I wanted to give up on the book because I
didn't think it was good enough but my friends a.k.a. my serial cheerleaders pushed me to keep going on and so here it is.

I know it's not perfect but it is my first effort of a fully finished story and thanks to my editor, NeeNee Smith of Muneca Publications for taking a chance on me and my book.

I have loved to read and write my entire life and I have written here and there over the years but I never finished anything until last year. It is not an easy road to go down being a writer. There is always the fear of rejection and you never know how your story will be taken and if there will be an audience for the book. Thanks to my family I have my book out there and I am grateful for you all. I have not given up on the publishing world and I am working on my next novel. I don't always write everyday like I should but when I sit down to write I try to write a lot to make up for my lac of creativity on other days.

For those who are aspiring writers, such as myself, keep it up and don't give up on your dreams. I may never be a J.K. Rowling or Steven King but I am happy to have one published and to keep the writing dream alive.