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Cover Reveal for Beauty Within by Krissy V


Beauty Within

by Krissy V
Release Date: April 26, 2016
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Two months ago Faith’s life wasn’t perfect, but she knew what she wanted … she knew who she wanted AND she knew what she would have to do to get him. But how drastically would SHE have to change to have him to herself? When Faith’s life changes in a blink of an eye, is she finally able to make those changes in her life to get the man of her dreams? Who would have thought that someone’s death could change the course of her life so dramatically? Follow her journey of self-discovery. Does she find true love … or does it find her …?


About The Author

  I am a mother to two young children, who in turn keep me young. I live in Dublin, Ireland but, I’m originally from South Devon in the UK. I work full time in a pharmacy and write in all my spare time: in my lunch hour, when watching TV at night and anywhere. I have always been interested in reading from a young age and then 2 years ago I was given a kindle as a present and it was the best thing that happened to me. I was able to read lots of books ever week and then I started to write reviews for all the books I read. I took this one step further and started my own facebook page – Sparkling Pink Bookshelf. I intended to upload all of my reviews for the books I read. This was purely for pleasure and then I answered a post on Facebook for someone to read for reviews and thought I had died and gone to heaven. I was reading about 7/8 books a week, the kindle made this achievable. I would read at any opportunity I could, even staying up til the small hours to finish a book. I loved it. Then one day I was asked to beta read a book – I loved this side of it, it was so exciting. I have worked with a number of indie authors and have remained loyal to a few select authors and I beta read all their After a year or more of doing this, I thought maybe I could write some of the stories that were in my head and I just decided to write and see what happened. I wrote about 70% of a story and then saw a post for the NaNoWriMo competition – to write 50,000 words in 30 days, I decided that this was a challenge I wanted to take and the Til Death Us Do Part series was born. I am always thinking of situations that can be turned into a story and have started a few stories, which in turn will be completed and released to my readers. I love to hear what my readers have to say about my work and please find my links below. Thank you for your support and I hope you enjoy this series of books as much as I enjoyed writing them.


Social links: Check out other books by Krissy V on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Krissy-V/e/B00JL6XN26/ref=sr_tc_2_0?qid=1410813041&sr=1-2-ent

 Author page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/For-Better-or-For-Worse-Book-1-in-Til-Death-Us-Do-Part-Series/228435653994967

Twitter: https://twitter.com/authorkrissyv

  Blog: http://authorkrissyv.wordpress.co

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Claddagh Author Event Dublin 2016

Check out our Facebook page where you can see all the awesome authors attending


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Blog Tour for A Shot of Bourbon by A.C. Land

Today, I have the pleasure of hosting a blog tour stop for BookFish Books' latest young adult contemporary novel, A Shot of Bourbon by A.C. Land! Stay tuned at the end of the post for an amazing iPad giveaway!

About A Shot of Bourbon

TitleA Shot of Bourbon (Bourbon Series, Book 1)
Author: A.C. Land
Genre: Young Adult
ReleasedMarch 29, 2016
PublisherBookFish Books

In the little highway town of Bourbon, Missouri, deadly secrets lurk behind Southern charm. 

Seventeen year old Charli Valentine didn’t expect to spend the last few weeks of summer break nursing a broken heart, icing a black eye, and watching her ex kiss another girl. Since being a good girl has gotten her nothing but heartache, Charli decides to give rebellion a try. She pigs out, drinks, and hangs with Luke Parker, the son of the infamous Bourbon Butcher. 

But there’s more to Luke than meets the eye. His tough exterior and terrible dialect hide a good person despite his bad boy reputation. No matter how hard he tries to fight it, Luke is drawn to Charli’s innocence and finds her clumsiness too charming to resist. Though they’re from opposite sides of the tracks, neither can resist the magnetism drawing them together. 

When Charli discovers a box in her mother’s closet, she pieces together the truth about Bourbon’s past and uncovers a deadly secret about her family. And once Luke learns of it, he vows to protect Charli no matter the cost. 

A photo from the real Bourbon, Missouri
Photo Credit: BGI Photography


About The Author

Author of the Bourbon series, A. C. Land has been a lover of stories since she first read about Peter Pan giving Wendy an acorn and teaching her to fly. She always dreamed of telling big stories about small towns.
Residing on a cattle farm in Missouri, A. C. loves playing with her rambunctious Jack Russell, Riley, making decorative cakes, taking pictures, drinking pumpkin spice coffee, and hanging out with her nephews.

Find A.C. online: 

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It's Here...............Jill Shavis' Nobody But You is now available.

Welcome to Cedar Ridge Colorado and to the Kincaid family. I just finished reading book #3 so I have to go and find the first two but I loved this book and can't wait to go back and find the others. I love Jill's books anyway and if you haven't had a chance to read any of her series I suggest you pick one up today.

In this novel we meet Jacob Kincaid who has been serving his country in the Army Special Forces unit and after the death of one of his "brothers" who was killed in action he comes home to think about what he wants to do with his life and check on his mom who is not of stable mind and lives in a nursing facility. He's not sure of his family's reaction to his homecoming so he stays low for a while to see how everyone is doing. While he is staying at a cabin by the lake he sees a boat moored out on the dock and he doesn't know who it belongs to so he goes down to investigate and meets Ms. Sophie Marren.

Sophie Marren has come to Cedar Ridge to start over after her divorce from her ex-husband Lucas, who took everything in the divorce because she wanted no reminders but she did take the one thing he loved more than her, the boat, and she is starting to regret it because it turns out she is seasick. She has parked the boat in different places around Cedar Ridge and she picked the cabin dock only to be found out by Jacob. When he comes down to the boat she thinks he is water patrol and she figures that's it she's in trouble but he tells her that she either needs to get a permit or park down at the public beach. While she is talking to Jacob, one of Lucas' floozies comes to the boat thinking he is there and gets a nice surprise. Sophie is so mad she goes down below to get her stuff and when she pulls open the drawer she sees lingerie and a rabbit vibrator and doesn't dare touch it. She takes them topside and when she trips everything falls out on the deck and Jacob says to her, "You have a license for this?" referring to the vibrator. I laughed so hard at that line and I can just picture Sophie's embarrassment. 

This is a wonderful book and I can't wait to read more about the Kincaid family and go back to read the first two books.

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Preorder Special for Beauty Within by Krissy V

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She Laughs in Pink by Jessica Calla

TitleShe Laughs in Pink (Sheridan Hall Series, Book 1)

Author: Jessica Calla

Genre: New Adult

Release dateMay 17, 2016

PublisherBookFish Books

Four years after her twin is murdered, Juliet Anderson still struggles with guilt, her parents, and her relationships. Two things keep her from falling into a deep, dark place—dancing and her best friend, Ben. So when Ben decides to play football for New Jersey University, Juliet doesn’t hesitate. She follows. Finally away from her past, there is nothing to stand in the way. Juliet will win Ben's heart.
Then she meets Ben's roommate, Chase.
On probation and hell-bent on adhering to a “new life plan,” aspiring artist Chase leaves his New York City home for New Jersey University and meets Juliet before even stepping foot on campus. For him, their connection is instant. She’s the most vibrant girl he's ever seen. Her colors explode on his canvas, and he's never been more inspired in his life.
Too bad she’s madly in love with his seemingly perfect, good guy roommate.

He murmurs between kisses, “Juliet, you know I can’t resist you. I don’t want to be the bad guy.” 

I nibble his jawline down to his neck as the train pulls away, leaving us in the empty station. Already a new crowd is forming for the next train. “I needed to kiss you. Thought this would be a good place,” I mumble as I work my way down his neck. 

He turns me around. My back hits the cold wall and I shiver. He holds my face as he studies me, his gaze falling on my lips as I catch my breath. “Should we be together, gorgeous?” he asks. “Could it be that simple?"


About the Author
Jessica Calla is a lawyer by day, romance writer by night. Her favorite time is "bedtime," when she's free to open the laptop, battle with the blinking cursor, and pour out the contents of her heart. Jessica is a member of Romance Writers of America, involved in the Contemporary, Young Adult, and New Jersey Chapters, and is a member of the Women’s Fiction Writers Association. She lives in central New Jersey with her husband, two sons, and her dog. Besides reading and writing, she enjoys movies, coffee, and chocolate and considers herself addicted to Diet Coke and Netflix (in a good way).
Author Pic She Laughs in Pink Jessica Calla
There is a cover reveal wide giveaway for the cover reveal of She Laughs in Pink. One person will win a $25 Amazon gift card!
Here is the link to the rafflecopter giveaway:
Now that we've shared this awesome cover, we can't wait to share the book! See you in May!

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Elizabeth York has books added to Kindle Unlimited

Do  you love romance with a twist? A mystery with a sexy thrill? That is what Elizabeth York's books contain. She was quoted as being able to keep you on the edge of you seat in any story setting, but be warned there is some serious hotness and not for the meek or mild. Newly added to Kindle Unlimited
Amazon Book links: Author.to/AuthorLizYork
FB Page: http://goo.gl/JUe0lZ
Street Team: https://goo.gl/5g9gcG
Fan Group: https://goo.gl/CMB9cb
Twitter: @AuthorEYork
#romanticsuspense #mystery #love #kindle #kindleunlimited #bookboyfriends #ElizabethYork #Brooklyn #Water 

Pre order Beauty Within by Krissy V

 (¸.•´ (¸.• Beauty Within by KrissyV
coming soon. PreOrder Now at a special Price of 99 cent
(the price will go up after the release)
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Two months ago Faith’s life wasn’t perfect, but she knew what she wanted … she knew who she wanted AND she knew what she would have to do to get him.

But how drastically would SHE have to change to have him to herself?

When Faith’s life changes in a blink of an eye, is she finally able to make those changes in her life to get the man of her dreams?

Who would have thought that someone’s death could change the course of her life so dramatically?

Follow her journey of self-discovery.

Does she find true love … or does it find her …?

Getting Wound Up by Jennifer Bernard and Erin Nicholas (Part 1)

Welcome to baseball season, well it doesn't officially start until April but hey it's a good way to start it. This is part one of three of the collaboration between Jennifer and Erin. I say what a great start.

Eli and Caitlyn are friends and have been for a long time since Eli and Caitlyn's older brother Bryan are best friends. For a long time Caitlyn thought of Eli as the older brother but then one day she woke up and realized she had feelings for Eli and she didn't know how to deal with it but she kept her feelings quiet and treated him like she always had.

Eli treated Caitlyn like a younger sister and sometimes he would see her for the beauty that she was but he had to remind himself that she was Bryan's younger brother and off limits.

Eli's dream had always been to play in the major leagues but when his father became ill when he was 19 he gave up that dream to come home and help run the family hardware store.  One day Caitlyn comes in and asks for his help and he goes with her not realizing that he is being had. She takes him to Kansas for the tryouts. He goes in and does what he does best but he doesn't think he's good enough and Caitlyn tells him otherwise. They spend a night in Kansas and after a bet over Jagermeister shots the sparks fly. I can't wait to read the other two parts to find out what happens between them.

Enjoyed the story as usual. I love Jennifer's books and now I need to go and start reading Erin's.

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Double Trouble Sale by L. B. Dunbar

Double Brother Trouble - SALE -- each only .99 cents.

Paradise Tempted: The Beginning by L.B. Dunbar
Releasing 3.3.16
What happened...in the beginning?

+++ Available Now +++
Paradise Fought: Abel by L.B. Dunbar
When the second son no longer wants to be just a beta...