Monday, August 18, 2014

A Good Debutante's Guide to Ruin by Sophie Jordan

Sophie Jordan's newest historical romance, A Good Debutante's Guide to Ruin is one of her best.
Rosalie Hughes is brought to her stepbrother Declan's house because she is no longer able to stay at the finishing school that she had attended for the past ten years. Declan is not happy at first to have her there because of her mother but he is persuaded to change his mind and set her up with a dowry so that he can marry her off quickly and get her out of his house.  He has his aunt and cousin come to stay with him and Rosalie to keep it proper and in the end he finds out that he can't live without her.

Rosalie had always liked Declan and she knew it was wrong to think of him as anything but her stepbrother but feelings have a tendency not to listen to the brain. As she spends more time with Declan she realizes that she is indeed in love with him but she knows that they aren't supposed to be together according to society's rules so she decides to try and find someone to marry and be happy but one trip to a special club that Declan frequents and her life changes forever thanks to her stepbrother's cousin, Aurelia. 

When Rosalie sees Declan there she is shocked at first and then she decides that she wants to experience more out of life so she asks for one kiss from a stranger and she is shocked when she sees Declan come into the room. She leaves the club in a panic but after an encounter with Declan she goes back one last time to tell him goodbye.  Declan has no idea who she is and he falls in love with the mystery woman but still wants to be Rosalie too and is confused by the whole situation.

Rosalie's mother, Melisande, comes back into the picture and decides to be the mother that she is supposed to be but with ulterior motive and what happens at the house will shock those who read. I was ready to scream and throw myself into the book and beat the mom but I knew I couldn't but she gets her comeuppance.

In the end all ends the way it should and it was a wonderful read and full of oh my goodness moments and turn the pages to find out what is going to happen next. Can't wait to see what evolves between Aurelia and Dec's best friend Max. There is sure to be fireworks there.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Devil to Pay has arrived and it was worth the trip to meet the Devil

Jayne just got passed over for a promotion so she is feeling low and one day while at lunch she spies a skyscraper that she swears she had never seen before and was amazed at how quickly it was built. She walks into the building and her life is changed forever. She meets Luke Morningstar, CEO of Hades Enterprises, H.E. LLc  and is surprised when she finds out that he is indeed the Devil.

 She is afraid at first because she has all the same preconceived notions of what the Devil is like and is sure that he is the same way but he proves her wrong and in turn she learns some interesting things about what she had been taught about the archangels and death and the Devil himself.

When Luke first meets Jayne he is in awe that she can see the building and he finds out why so he says, " I hate to win and run, but I have to see a Demon about a fruit basket." He and the archangels play poker every Thursday night and I was shocked to learn that they do human things. This is a wonderful book and it made me take another look at what we all think the archangels are supposed to be like. I loved his assistant, Malcolm and I hope that he gets his own story next.

Lady Triumphs by Renee Bernard is on it's way.............August 26th

LADY TRIUMPHS is the third book and grand finale in the unforgettable Black Rose Trilogy and does not disappoint for chills and thrills as Lady Serena Wellcott (formerly known as Raven Wells) at last turns her attention to settling an old score with the Earl of Trent, Geoffrey Parke.

With Phillip Warrick at her back and the lovers reconciled, it will still take every resource and wicked skill she has acquired to destroy the man who was once her trusted guardian.  Lord Trent is no ordinary foe but Lady Wellcott has never shied away from a challenge and whats a bit of revenge between old friends?

From the glittering ballrooms of London to the shadowed servantspassages of the tons grand homes, the Black Rose will weave a seductive spell until no one is safe.  Phillips loyalty is tested to its limits as he is forced to stand aside and watch the woman he loves assume her role and identity as a Villainess with no equal.  Their shared hatred of Trent is eclipsed by Phillips need to protect her even if the greatest danger comes from Raven herself.  Their passion for each other has only grown and each sensual encounter cements the bonds that tether her dark soul to his—even when rivals appear and their world starts to unravel. 

The stakes are impossibly high but Serena is a fearless gambler.  Every element of her upbringing and every tragic misstep comes into play.  Raised for vengeance, she will return to the earl as his creation and serve him a slice of his own poisonous fruit with a smile on her beautiful lips.  The Lady has planned the perfect murder.  The only problem is, it will likely be her own.

From acclaimed USA Today bestselling author, Renee Bernard, comes this new trilogy of gothic power and twisted sensuality.  Heres a slice of historical romance not generally found in the mainstream—so pull up a chair, settle in for a good read and hang on!

"Marvelously daring, welcome to a sensual world that will test not only your mind but your heart." - Delilah Marvelle, Award Winning Author

               "Delicious! A fabulous story that draws you in from the very first word and stays with you long after the finish. -"Mรกire Claremont, Award Winning Author

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Chocolate Garden by Ava Miles

Another wonderful story has arrived from the Dare River series.

 Tammy Hollins has left her husband and moved back to be with her brother and start her life over. She meets John Parker McGuiness who is an attorney and songwriter. Tammy's dream is to build beautiful gardens and she hopes that by moving back home she can realize that dream. She gets her first job through her brother and by word of mouth she gets more jobs. At her brother's wedding she sees John Parker, JP to his friends, and he asks her to create a beautiful garden at his own home.

She agrees and when she sees his place she decides to create a beautiful spot just for him when she finds out how much he loves chocolate, hence the chocolate garden. Along the way they realize that they both care for each other dearly but she still has to deal with her past and John Parker is there to stand by her side and give her all the time and space that she needs. Her children Rory and Annabelle are still adjusting to the new life but are quite happy being around their uncle and new aunt. One night there is a break in and the children get scared but through John Parker's patience and imagination the children learn to be not so scared anymore. One night John Parker comes up with the idea of their being fairies out in the garden who make chocolate and in the morning they leave chocolate underneath the children's pillows and hide pieces elsewhere in the house. John Parker tells the kids that the fairies protect those who planted the garden and live in the house from bad people.

I loved this story so much and I was crying when the fairy story was being told. Very sweet and it was great that he wanted to reassure the kids. I can't wait to see what unfolds next with the family and I was happy to see that everyone was starting to get together and become one. I can't wait to see what happens with Clayton and Amelia Ann and what secret she is hiding? I have a fairly good idea of what is happening but can't wait to see what happens and how the family will react. I love this book and need to go back and read all the rest of the Dare Valley series and the first in the Dare River Series. The next installment from Ava will be The Perfect Ingredient this fall and then next Winter will be Fireflies and Magnolias which is Clayton and Amelia Ann's story. So can't wait.
Enjoy a wonderful read and I learned about new plants that smell like chocolate and can't wait to try and create my own.

Friday, August 8, 2014

This weekend only.......Devil to Pay by Renee Bernard is only .99 cents. Go grab your copy

This Friday, Saturday and Sunday only Devil to Pay by Renee Bernard is only .99 cent. Go grab your copy today. It will be well worth the read. After Monday it goes back to $5.99.

So you think you've had a bad day at the office? Try running Hades Enterprises, LLc, also known as H.E.LLc. Being the only Archangel in an organization that employs demons has its challenges and daily dose of headaches, but when the current Lucifer falls in love with a mortal woman...apparently heartache is also added to the agenda. Love rules even when you're the Prince of Darkness!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Bound by Sacrfice, Book one of The Road to Ruin by Reyna Pryde

What would you do for a loved one? Would you give up your life? Your soul? Would you make a deal with the devil? Well for Acelynn she gave up her mortality to save her sister and let her have a happy life. In exchange Acelynn lives forever and has to do whatever the devil tells her.  Acelynn thought she did the right thing by agreeing to the bargain but as time goes on she begins to wonder if she should have made the deal. It's eighty years later and the devil has a new deal for her. The question is will she be able to do it and save her sister's soul or will she continue to live a life of living hell and never know true happiness?

Satan has come to Acelynn to make her another deal, find Cain,  his son,  and kill him and she can free her sister. She doesn't agree at first but changes her mind  and goes to look for Cain and ends up on a journey that she will not soon forget. She meets some legendary characters such as Abel, Lilith (the mother of all), Vlad the son of the Impaler and other famous characters. She finds out truths about her life and learns new things about herself.

The ending is a cliffhanger and I can't wait until the next one to come out so I can see what happens to Acelynn and the rest of the characters she has met. She actually makes a new friend even after she is fearful of them being hurt. All in all it is a wonderful book and it makes me want to do more research on these legendary characters and find out more about them.