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The Duke’s Guide to Correct Behavior by Megan Frampton

Marcus, The Duke of Rutherford, had just inherited his title six months ago and had no idea how to be a duke and then in walks his four year old daughter, Rose. So  now on top of learning how to be a duke he now has to learn how to be a father.

Lilly Russell and her two friends Annabel and  Caroline are running an agency to help women find employment who have had unfortunate circumstances. While Lilly is at the agency doing the books a footman comes in from the new duke's home searching for a governess. There is no one available so Lilly offers to apply and is hired.

She goes to work for the new duke but she has a secret to keep and if anyone finds out the truth it will ruin the reputation of Marcus and little Rose.

A wonderfully written story and  I loved how Lilly stood up for herself and sacrificed her love for others.

Marcus was a wonderful character to know and I love how he decided to do what he wanted and to hell with everyone else.  He was the Duke of Rutherford and he could decide what’s what.

Definitely will read more by Megan and I loved the storyline and love wins in the end.

Otherwise Engaged by Amanda Quick

Otherwise Engaged by Amanda Quick is the story of Miss Amity Doncaster and Benedict Stanbridge. She is a world traveler who writes articles in the paper for the ladies of London to read and enjoy and is working on a book that is a collection of all her travels. 

Benedict is a man who is sent to the Americas to retrieve some vital information about a new engine that might revolutionize the world of oil. Amity meets Benedict when he is hurt and she is on her way back to England. He asks her to promise him to take a letter to his uncle if he doesn’t survive. He recovers and little do they know that their little trip would cause a scandal in the ton.

When Amity returns to England she is kidnapped by a man who she doesn’t recognize and she barely escapes but thanks to her trusty fan she makes it out alive only to find herself engaged to Benedict whom she has talked to in a month.

 When he returns he sees the announcement and gets her agree to the rumors so that they can find the man who kidnapped her and is referred to by the papers as the “Bridegroom”. 

This was a wonderful story and I read it from cover to cover in one night because I wanted to know who the “Bridegroom” was and if I was wrong but then I was right that another character was involved.

 Thank you Amanda for another great story and I love all of her mystery stories. Can’t wait for the next story to come out.

Marrying Mr. Winterborne by Lisa Kleypas

Lady Helen Ravenel doesn't want to marry for anything less than a good income. She has a dark secret to hide and she doesnt want to drag anyone into that world.

Rhys Winterborne is successful and has set his eyes on Lady Helen but she turns him down several times. He finally wins but Helen is afraid of what will happen if he finds out her secret and it could destroy them both. Can she protect hm from her past?

Love all of Lisa’s books and this was no different. Wonderfully written and I was cheering for Rhys the whole time. 

Hyde by Daniel Levine

Growing up most of us have read the Strange Tale of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson.  This is the Hyde’s side of the story of what really happened. 

Mr. Levine takes us on the journey of what Hyde felt during the time that Dr. Jekyll was doing his experiments and how he was living his life and not knowing what was fully going on when he “disappeared” for a while.  It was an interesting read and it made me want to go back and re-read Dr. Jekyll and then read this again to see the differences and similarities.  It was a nice change to read the story from the other point of view of a main character and see that he wasn’t really a monster.  Through the journey it was interesting to read how one must fight their own demons and how another character might react to similar situations.

A Shocking Delight by Jo Beverly

The Earl of Wyvern needs to marry and he needs to find a woman with quite a fortune.

Lucy Porter is the daughter of a wealthy merchant and isn’t looking to marry anytime soon. She has a Season in London but she just wants to have fun and not worry about finding a husband much to her family’s dismay.

When Wyvern meets Lucy he is intrigued and he knows that she might figure out his secret but he wants to be with her anyway and he might need to change his plans to succeed.

An interesting love story and I was so honored to have met Jo at the RWA convention in San Antonio in 2014 and got her to autograph my book.   I have always loved her books and this one was no different. It was such a sad day when the romance world lost such a wonderful author.

A Garden of Lies by Amanda Quick

As always I love anything by Amanda Quick and this book did not disappoint.  Garden of Lies is a novel full of mystery and romance and I loved it from beginning to end.

Ursula Kern runs a distinguished secretarial agency and when one of her employees ends up dead she decides to go and investigate to find out the truth. She inserts herself as a secretary and offers to be Lady Fullbrook’s new stenographer.  Lady Fullbrook fancies herself a poet and doesn’t have time to write the lines herself so she uses a stenographer to take the lines down for her but Lady Fullbrook has a secret that she must keep and her former assistant learned that secret and paid for it.

Slater Roxton, who is an archeologist and adventurer is still recovering from his accident where he was trapped and wasn’t sure he was going to make it out alive.  He has come back home and meets Ursula and finds out that they are both investigating the same thing. He is looking for information on the Olympus club and through her investigations Ursula has been led to the same place. Slater doesn’t want Ursula involved but she leaves him no choice. 

Together they go on an adventure that could get them killed but they uncover the truth and discover secrets about one another and find that they are quite good together.

This is one of the many fascinating mysteries set in Victorian England that I absolutely adore.  Amanda never disappoints in her stories which are always full of mystery and romance.

Project Rogue by J.L. Beck (New Release)

#NewRelease #DarkRomance #ReaderWarning #NotForEveryone 

“Maggie…” I said her name as softly as I could, the smell of her blood causing something to snap inside of me. I could feel the shift in change the moment my eyes collided with hers. “Why am I bleeding?” Maggie sounded scared and I could tell she was; I could feel it. I could feel everything. Because….” The past and future collided in my mind and I wasn’t sure which was reality or a facade. Images flickered in my mind; the good ones, the bad ones, and then the one that showed the outcome of Maggie and I’s future.


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