Wednesday, September 7, 2016

A Garden of Lies by Amanda Quick

As always I love anything by Amanda Quick and this book did not disappoint.  Garden of Lies is a novel full of mystery and romance and I loved it from beginning to end.

Ursula Kern runs a distinguished secretarial agency and when one of her employees ends up dead she decides to go and investigate to find out the truth. She inserts herself as a secretary and offers to be Lady Fullbrook’s new stenographer.  Lady Fullbrook fancies herself a poet and doesn’t have time to write the lines herself so she uses a stenographer to take the lines down for her but Lady Fullbrook has a secret that she must keep and her former assistant learned that secret and paid for it.

Slater Roxton, who is an archeologist and adventurer is still recovering from his accident where he was trapped and wasn’t sure he was going to make it out alive.  He has come back home and meets Ursula and finds out that they are both investigating the same thing. He is looking for information on the Olympus club and through her investigations Ursula has been led to the same place. Slater doesn’t want Ursula involved but she leaves him no choice. 

Together they go on an adventure that could get them killed but they uncover the truth and discover secrets about one another and find that they are quite good together.

This is one of the many fascinating mysteries set in Victorian England that I absolutely adore.  Amanda never disappoints in her stories which are always full of mystery and romance.

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