Wednesday, September 7, 2016

A Shocking Delight by Jo Beverly

The Earl of Wyvern needs to marry and he needs to find a woman with quite a fortune.

Lucy Porter is the daughter of a wealthy merchant and isn’t looking to marry anytime soon. She has a Season in London but she just wants to have fun and not worry about finding a husband much to her family’s dismay.

When Wyvern meets Lucy he is intrigued and he knows that she might figure out his secret but he wants to be with her anyway and he might need to change his plans to succeed.

An interesting love story and I was so honored to have met Jo at the RWA convention in San Antonio in 2014 and got her to autograph my book.   I have always loved her books and this one was no different. It was such a sad day when the romance world lost such a wonderful author.

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