Wednesday, September 7, 2016

The Duke’s Guide to Correct Behavior by Megan Frampton

Marcus, The Duke of Rutherford, had just inherited his title six months ago and had no idea how to be a duke and then in walks his four year old daughter, Rose. So  now on top of learning how to be a duke he now has to learn how to be a father.

Lilly Russell and her two friends Annabel and  Caroline are running an agency to help women find employment who have had unfortunate circumstances. While Lilly is at the agency doing the books a footman comes in from the new duke's home searching for a governess. There is no one available so Lilly offers to apply and is hired.

She goes to work for the new duke but she has a secret to keep and if anyone finds out the truth it will ruin the reputation of Marcus and little Rose.

A wonderfully written story and  I loved how Lilly stood up for herself and sacrificed her love for others.

Marcus was a wonderful character to know and I love how he decided to do what he wanted and to hell with everyone else.  He was the Duke of Rutherford and he could decide what’s what.

Definitely will read more by Megan and I loved the storyline and love wins in the end.

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