Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Chocolate Garden by Ava Miles

Another wonderful story has arrived from the Dare River series.

 Tammy Hollins has left her husband and moved back to be with her brother and start her life over. She meets John Parker McGuiness who is an attorney and songwriter. Tammy's dream is to build beautiful gardens and she hopes that by moving back home she can realize that dream. She gets her first job through her brother and by word of mouth she gets more jobs. At her brother's wedding she sees John Parker, JP to his friends, and he asks her to create a beautiful garden at his own home.

She agrees and when she sees his place she decides to create a beautiful spot just for him when she finds out how much he loves chocolate, hence the chocolate garden. Along the way they realize that they both care for each other dearly but she still has to deal with her past and John Parker is there to stand by her side and give her all the time and space that she needs. Her children Rory and Annabelle are still adjusting to the new life but are quite happy being around their uncle and new aunt. One night there is a break in and the children get scared but through John Parker's patience and imagination the children learn to be not so scared anymore. One night John Parker comes up with the idea of their being fairies out in the garden who make chocolate and in the morning they leave chocolate underneath the children's pillows and hide pieces elsewhere in the house. John Parker tells the kids that the fairies protect those who planted the garden and live in the house from bad people.

I loved this story so much and I was crying when the fairy story was being told. Very sweet and it was great that he wanted to reassure the kids. I can't wait to see what unfolds next with the family and I was happy to see that everyone was starting to get together and become one. I can't wait to see what happens with Clayton and Amelia Ann and what secret she is hiding? I have a fairly good idea of what is happening but can't wait to see what happens and how the family will react. I love this book and need to go back and read all the rest of the Dare Valley series and the first in the Dare River Series. The next installment from Ava will be The Perfect Ingredient this fall and then next Winter will be Fireflies and Magnolias which is Clayton and Amelia Ann's story. So can't wait.
Enjoy a wonderful read and I learned about new plants that smell like chocolate and can't wait to try and create my own.

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