Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Getting Wound Up by Jennifer Bernard and Erin Nicholas (Part 1)

Welcome to baseball season, well it doesn't officially start until April but hey it's a good way to start it. This is part one of three of the collaboration between Jennifer and Erin. I say what a great start.

Eli and Caitlyn are friends and have been for a long time since Eli and Caitlyn's older brother Bryan are best friends. For a long time Caitlyn thought of Eli as the older brother but then one day she woke up and realized she had feelings for Eli and she didn't know how to deal with it but she kept her feelings quiet and treated him like she always had.

Eli treated Caitlyn like a younger sister and sometimes he would see her for the beauty that she was but he had to remind himself that she was Bryan's younger brother and off limits.

Eli's dream had always been to play in the major leagues but when his father became ill when he was 19 he gave up that dream to come home and help run the family hardware store.  One day Caitlyn comes in and asks for his help and he goes with her not realizing that he is being had. She takes him to Kansas for the tryouts. He goes in and does what he does best but he doesn't think he's good enough and Caitlyn tells him otherwise. They spend a night in Kansas and after a bet over Jagermeister shots the sparks fly. I can't wait to read the other two parts to find out what happens between them.

Enjoyed the story as usual. I love Jennifer's books and now I need to go and start reading Erin's.

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