Monday, September 1, 2014

The Callahan Brothers-Luke

Welcome to Brazos Bend, Texas where the Callahan brothers, nicknamed the Bad Boys of Brazos Bend,  like to get into trouble.  The brothers are now all grown up and have gone their separate ways but their father wants to them to come back and they won't fall for it.

Maddie Kincaid is trying to get a new start on life and put her past behind her with her famous rock star dad and her past boyfriends that were nothing but trouble. But it seems as trouble likes to take a back seat in her life and follow her everywhere. When she moves to Brazos Bend to start a new life and a new business it seems trouble has shown it's ugly face once again. She is working for a client who unfortunately lands in the middle of a illegal situation and Maddie is once again forced into a run for her life, since someone is after her and she has to get rid of the evidence.  One of her client's is Luke Callahan's dad but she doesn't realize it at first because she is told to head to Eternity Springs to look for someone else.

In the process they try to fight their feelings for each other and stay alive. He doesn't want Maddie to get hurt so he does his job and leaves it at that. But in the end love always wins.

This is a re-release of Emily's original title of Give him the Slip and it is worth the read the first time or re-reading again under the new title. I truly enjoyed Luke's story and can't wait to meet the other two bad boy Callahan's, Matt and Mark.

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