Friday, November 28, 2014

Beggars and Choosers by Mia Kerick

Beggars and Choosers by Mia Kerick is an interesting story and it's one of two young men who come to terms with what their relationship really is. Brett Taylor is eighteen when he moves and gets a job at a bar/restaraunt and moves into a rooming house. While he is there he meets fifteen year old Cory Butana who is an openly gay young man and is very skinny and seems very defenseless and Brett feels like he has to protect him somehow.

The story starts in 2003 and ends in 2007 and it is told from the different point of views of the two young men and what they go through and how they develop their friendship and then realize that they care for each other. Cory embraces the new found feelings but it scares Brett because he is afraid to fall for Cory and what that might entail and he wants Cory to go on to college and not be stuck in the little town where he works in the restaurant.  Cory's dad, Roderick, is the bartender and every night he goes on the stage to sing the songs that he has written in hopes to become a famous singer but he doesn't realize his dream and so he gets drunk every night and Cory takes care of him. One night a famous singer, Steve Percy, comes into the bar and seems to take an interest in Cory and so his dad makes a deal which ends badly.

Through the years the boys work on their feelings and Brett tries to drive Cory away for his own protection and the chance to have a normal life but feelings come into play and fate has her own say.

A wonderfully written book and even though it is dealing with the relationship of two males it could be about anyone in a relationship.

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