Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Perspective Shift Book 1: Shifting Reality Series (The Hunter Jackson Tales Spin-off)

 Perspective Shift Book 1: Shifting Reality Series (The Hunter Jackson Tales Spin-off) 
 Luke and Katrina Book Trailer: https://animoto.com/play/1W1dtDTHZESNOOHG7TXEMA

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Synopsis: Perspective is everything... Tensions running high... But love... Well, it speaks volumes. Before Hunter met Amelia there was Luke and Katrina. It only took one look and Luke Kirkland was sunk. Katrina is perfect. Almost... As tensions are growing between the werewolf army and the shape shifters Luke and Katrina find themselves falling in love. A love that can't get out to Luke's commander. Luke is a werewolf. Katrina is a shape shifter. Their worlds aren't supposed to mix, but maybe together they can accomplish a perspective shift. 

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