Monday, February 29, 2016

Kendrick Torey Hope: The Later Years by A.D. Ellis

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A.D. Ellis--Author

NEWEST RELEASE (coming Feb 29)
Kendrick, Torey Hope, The Later Years

Zach, Torey Hope: The Later Years

Sawyer, Torey Hope: The Later Years

Decker, Torey Hope: The Later Years

For Nicky, A Torey Hope Novel (FREE!!!)

Because of Beckett, A Torey Hope Novel (99¢)
Christmas in Torey Hope, A Novella (99¢)
Loving Josie, A Torey Hope Novel 

Box Sets (all 4 books in one, 2 books in the other)
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If you are receiving an ARC/winner's copy from A.D. Ellis, upon acceptance of the ARC/winner's copy, you are not permitted to and under NO condition will you sell, trade, copy, cause to copy, pirate, or cause to pirate, scan, or otherwise replicate or cause to replicate any portion of this title.

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