Sunday, January 11, 2015

All I Want for Christmas: A Erotic Christmas Romance by Angela Fattig

All I Want for Christmas Is You by Angela Fattig is a wonderful read and a short erotoic novella. It was a definite on the edge of the seat story to find out if past grievances could indeed be forgiven.
Kelly Lane was horrified by her friend Mac's behavior at the prom and for years she couldn't forgive him. She knew he was a player but it still hurt and years later she finally gets a chance to face the reality of could she truly have him in her life or will she let him go?

It's a great read and I had to finish the story to find out what Kelly would do and would she eventually forgive Mac? Mac had done some things wrong in the past but he was truly sorry and he needed to make Kelly understand that and let her know his true feelings.

A wonderful read and a great Christmas story where sometimes miracles do happen.

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