Thursday, September 17, 2015

Bad Girls Don't Marry Marines by Codi Gary (Rock Canyon, Idaho Series)

I loved the story line of Justin and Valerie. Val as her friends call her has come from a family of sisters who aren't the best role models in the world and it drives their dad nuts. He is a politician and he wants his family to have a squeaky clean image but the girls aren't going there.

When Val gets divorced from her sleazy ex-husband she moves back to Rock Canyon and opens up a dog grooming business and she loves it. When she is at the store one night she runs into ex high school flame Justin and the sparks fly once again but she can't let herself get involved with him.

They see each other and things start to get heated again and she decides to take the risk no matter what her father says and the local town gossip has a field day with the idea of the two of them getting together again.

 Needless, to say her dad is not happy with the idea and threatens to disown her but she lays the law down and all ends well as it should. A wonderful read and I was so enthralled with the family that I want to read Caroline's story next.

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