Thursday, September 17, 2015

Things Good Girls Don't Do by Cari Cody (Rock Canyon, Idaho series)

Love the story of Chance and Miss" I'm a good girl" Katie. The whole town expected Katie to be the goody two shoes her mother raised her to be but after seven years with her ex Jimmy she decides to make a list of things that she has always wanted to do and was to afraid to act on.

Chase Trepasso is the newest business owner in Canyon Rock and he sees Katie at the bar and sees the list she has written and takes off with it.

This puts Katie in a tizzy and she tries to get the list back but it was too late. Chase and Katie hang out to do all the stuff on her list and the townspeople, especially Mrs. Andrews think that Chase is not good for her and think he is nothing but trash.

Katie finally learns to stick up for herself and makes changes that she knows will be better for her. I love this town of Canyon Rock and can't wait to read more of the adventures that go on in this town.

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