Monday, December 21, 2015

Ashes to Sparks by Jeanine Binder

I was blown away but the intensity of this book, it made me see how important our firefighters are to us even if we don't need them. This is the story of Lindsey and Ryan. Ryan had given up on relationships for the time being due to his divorce pending and the hell that his soon to be ex was putting him through with their daughter. Lindsey was his daughter's teacher and Ryan thought she was married so he considered hands off.

Lindsey admits the truth to Ryan and together they move forward in their lives and Lindsey stays close to Ryan and his daughter while he deals with the visitation hassle.

It's a great story and I was cheering for Lindsey and Ryan to make it through. I didn't like the ex and I was glad to see everyone get the ending they deserved.

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