Thursday, May 1, 2014

Forgive Us Our Trespasses by M.L. Steinbrunn

Forgive Us Our Trespasses by M.L. Steinbrunn is the story of a young woman who loses her father at a very early age and goes through life wondering if she will ever see justice for the man who killed him. She goes on to college and meets some wonderful friends and the one who she thinks is the love of her life but he carries a secret that could change their lives forever. Vivian vows never to fall in love and get hurt but she goes on and has a good life until that one fateful day when everything changes. One of my favorite lines in the book was, "...a hobbit wearing shoes." When she wrote this line all I could think was this is me. Thanks for the laugh.

M.L. did a wonderful job on this book and it is written from the view point of the two main characters and each chapter is their view of what is going on. I started this book and could not stop. As I was reading I just wanted to know if Brooks and Vivian would stay together or be torn apart and would she finally meet the man who killed her father and have closure. I was hoping that all would end well for the characters and I did start to cry in some parts of the book when it got rough but Vivian and Brooks are strong people and they overcome a lot of obstacles in their path.

I can't wait for Jen's story which is titled, Lead Him Not into Temptation,which will be released August 2014.

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