Sunday, May 25, 2014

What's the one thing you can't go without?

That's the question that is presented in Angelisa Stone's Book, Can't go Without. I just received a free copy of her book and it was pretty interesting. It tells the story of how a little lie can actually explode into something far more dangerous and hurtful to many people.

Leah and Tristan met three years earlier and had a one night stand but they grew apart because Leah felt betrayed by Tristan. She eventually felt guilty about what happened and makes amends with the family. It's a long road to forgiveness and self realization.

When I first met Tristan in the book my opinion was he is not nice and I wanted to hit him for the way he was acting but the further I got into the book my attitude changed and I started to like him. Leah did something very wrong but she realized her mistake and made it right. My favorite character in the whole book was Piper the younger sister to the whole family. She is great and loves to play match maker and I hope she gets her own story soon.

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