Thursday, May 1, 2014

My Soul to Keep by VJ Prucha

My Soul to Keep by VJ Prucha is the story of Carolina Stronghill, aka Danielle Clearwater, who had gotten into trouble with the law due to an ex and so she was placed into the witness protection program. She moves to Albuquerque to start a new life and meets two men, one of them is meant to be with her and the other wants to hurt her. Gabriel is the classic bad boy next door and she is afraid to like him because he reminds her of her past. Then there is the Reverend Seth who is the classic good boy but there is something there that she is not sure of. She has to choose between the two of them and go with the decision she has made.

VJ is a terrific author and when she wrote of her hometown it brought back memories of visiting up there and going up into the hills. Watching the city lights glisten in the night sky. I could feel Danny's trepidation as she tried to protect herself from her enemies and try to start a new life. To give up all that you know and start all over again is hard. Trying to find the right people to help even harder.

It is a page turning on the edge of your seat thriller and keeps you guessing who the killer is and I for one wasn't sure who the bad guy was until the end. I can't wait until she continues with the next book.

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