Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Park of Sunset Dreams by Ava Miles

Ava has done it again. I love the whole community of Dare Valley and can't wait to visit again. This is the story of Matt and Jane. Matt is related to the Hale family and has come back to Dare Valley to settle down with his family and get away from the fast paced life of Denver. Jane is hiding a secret and decided to move to Dare Valley with her boss Rhett and her best friend Elizabeth, who also holds the same secret.

Jane is a dog walker for her boss Rhett, and loves to buy cute little outfits for Rhett's dog. She  is in the park when she meets Matt. He has a dog that he inherited from a previous client and isn't sure how to handle him but with Jane's help he figures it out. Jane and Matt fall for each other but Jane has a secret that might destroy Matt's plans.

Love this book so much that I finished it practically in one night. I love little old Hazel and how she tells Matt that she knows how to bury bodies. I laughed so hard at that one. It reminds me of my friends who are in the same mind frame of burying bodies if people make us upset. I also like how Matt dubs his volunteers The Easter Brigade because of their clothing.

Thank you Ava for writing another wonderful story and can't wait to read Terrance and Elizabeth's story which is set to come out this fall. I was so hoping that they had a story coming because there is definitely something there.

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